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Nicholas, his Mom and Dad, his friend Jacob, little sister, and all the animals go on a day out to have a picnic by the …. See more books like this in our Maths category. See more books from the creators in our Pratham-Storyweaver category.

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Be Wise With Money is a great way to begin teaching financial literacy to children. The book explains all about money, including, the difference between need and want, staying within a budgeting, income versus expenses, different ways to pay, and even includes an example of a small business plan. Free Kids Books. In My First Book of Animals, the book shows a series of colourful painted images of animals with the animal name. This book is suited for babies and toddlers to learn the animal names.

See more books about animals in our Animal category. Looking for early learning books? Check out our Alphabet and Counting categories.

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All About Chinchillas is an animal facts book for early grades about the adorable small rodents. Why is there a hole in the wall? Explores all the possibilities of what might have caused the hole in the wall. Imaginative reasoning and different ideas give many ideas for discussion with young readers. This story is brought to us by BookDash. BookDash believes every child should own a hundred books by the age of …. Catch a Ride on Raindrops is a picture book that explains all about the water cycle a very simple way, perfect for elementary school science studies in early grades.

This picture book is illustrated with beautiful and very colourful acryllic paintings. Author: Priya Venkatesh, Illustrator: Karthikeyan. Where am I? Young children can have fun finding the animals on the page, if you make the images smaller initially and zoon in until the animal can be spotted it can be a fun game.

Each animal has …. Monkey Adventures is an early reader and an early science book about monkeys. This is a leveled book from Mustardseed books, suitable for grade 1. Monkey Adventures is rated at Grade level 1. This book is designed for early readers with simple words and …. The …. Written by: G. Wolfgang, Illustrations by: Lillian Kirk. Each animal has …. The …. Written by: G.

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Wolfgang, Illustrations by: Lillian Kirk. The Tina Says series is a picture book series that teaches children life skills. This book set is Tina Says series 1, including 5 books. The titles of each book examine the word each book teaches, the books all teach about an important skill, as follows: Book 1 — Tina Says Opportunity Book 2 — ….

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  • Bhaiya gets some help to …. This makes a perfect resource for homeschool or school marine study topics. The book can spark off more research into the animals, or perhaps you could create a non-fiction ….

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    We Love Our Home is a story about animal habitats in India. Everyone is in despair, until a bright 10 year old, Maya, thinks about fighting for their cause. She realises the only one who can help is the teacher from their neighbouring village, a …. Yoga sheep suggests she tries yoga, jogging sheep suggests she jog, and many more sheep suggest helpful ways to change.

    Matko gets really fit, but she is still …. This ebook is perfect for teaching children about snakes in a fun way.


    The book details some common facts about snakes, how …. She had to hide her …. Mustard Seed. This is the Spanish language version of the popular Mustard Seed book Tigers. Are you a Fish is a STEM level 2 ebook from Pratham about robot fish, a perfect book for early elementary school science to introduce children to the amazing world of marine robots.

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    This book can be a stepping stone into a research project on the different types of marine robots available. Sample Pages from …. If you want to receive updates on our latest books, follow us on your social media of choice:. Ask me more if you need help! Try again, or leave a comment on any post I will get it, eventually!

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