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Rakuten Global Market. My Orders. Search in Rakuten Search in this shop. Shop Japan. We ship worldwide, bringing Japan directly to you. Mobile Mobile. Features on this page require JavaScript. Good Select 4. Shop Information. Scare the clown by using a BLOB, so that it falls on the water.

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Shoot the cannon. Then, interact with each create, grab its content and take them back to the soldier. Then, attack the tripwire, fall down and grab the Starlite while you're falling. Follow by going all the way back to the red switch, pull it, and go up to grab the Starite. Drop another near the four jellyfish, and another on top of the shark. Then, approach the cow, and she will follow you. Destroy, from afar, the the dynamite by letting a MINE weapon fall on top of it, and proceed until both animals are reunited with their owner.

Repeat as before, using this time a ROCK. Equip a KNIFE, break the upper section of the rope that is holding both sailors, and drag them back - one by one - to the carrier. To lower the steel gate, give him a CAR and race all to the left. Then, approach the rope and quickly grab the Starite.

Then, quickly grab a falling bear and take it to the kid on the right. Then, deliver it to the kid. Then, fly to the kid and deliver the item. After they're all dead, take the girl to the chopper. Take the pipe to the upper right. Release the alien by interacting with his cage, and take him all to the left. Get a charge at eighty-eight!


When lightning strikes, you will win. Fly by using PEGASUS be careful, there's a bug in this level that may get him stuck in the level; in order to prevent that from happening, simply create make Maxwell ride him only after he falls in the lava. Then, use FIRE to destroy the wood platform, and to burn the rope to your right. Then, get on top of a PTEROSAUR and, when the jet turns to the other opposite side, quickly fly down, position yourself under it, and grab the Starite yes, you must tap it once, and then select "grab" manually, in order to do so.

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Once you've pressed the red one, make your way back to the upper left corner of the map, drop down and fly to grab the Starite. Make a BALL appear over the green buttons; then, make one appear over the red button, and as soon as that happens, and the Starite stars to fall, make Maxwell jump in his direction, and grab it! Go to the upper right and grab the Starite. Press the two levers and grab the Starite. Be careful while flying around, since the tubes drop several mines, which will obviously kill your character if you touch them. At the end, i.

Then, tap him once, and select the "Ride" option. Once Maxwell is there, and the Starite starts to go up, quickly go there and grab it. After the zombie enters the cell, stop pressing the button. Press the button on the floor and then use a piece of MEAT to attract the zombie to the lower floor. He will eat some MEAT, fall asleep, and then eventually continue to the left.

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When he enters the cell, leave the button and he'll be trapped. Then, take him to the house, and back. Chef, Mr. Fashion and Mr. Jazz haunt certain objects. Find them! If done correctly, none of the enemies will be able to cross it, and you'll manage to save the giant. Then, tie one side of a VINE to the Starite, and the other to the upper part of the whale, which will probably make it move out of the square it was previously in.

Put a SAFE in the now-vacant spot and blast all the other cubes of ice with, let's say, a GUN, just being careful not to be hit by any of the spiked balls, or caught in an explosion. Drop two MINE weapon on that spot, and it will probably cause a chain reaction that will blow up most of the ice.

If the explosions are not enough to make enough room for passage, repeat this strategy with the mines to get rid of one, or two, more blocks of ice. Then, run all the way down to the Starite, the ghosts will be too busy fighting to care about Maxwell. Then, use some FIRE to burn the upper wood platform. Press one of the levers in the top floor, the green and the gray one in the middle floor, and, in the second-to-lowest floor, the gray. Repeat for the reddish floor. The maid will come, shoot her with a GUN. It's up to you! Kill the three moles by using a GUN. Help him!

They're wanted dead or alive! Put the dog in one, the cat in the other, and take them to the proper owner. However, be careful; the lady is pretty much blind, so you'll have to put the cat right in front of her. When it is about to fall, tie it to the lower metallic square with a ROPE. Choose to it, and grab the Starite as it falls down the box this may take a while to master And yes, you'd better do it in this same order.

As for the fire, you just have to put some ICE in there.

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sirensirensiren coupon code Sirensirensiren coupon code
sirensirensiren coupon code Sirensirensiren coupon code
sirensirensiren coupon code Sirensirensiren coupon code
sirensirensiren coupon code Sirensirensiren coupon code
sirensirensiren coupon code Sirensirensiren coupon code

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