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My team and I reached out to hundreds of marketing experts and compiled a list of exclusive tips for creating addictive content. Every single one of those tips came from direct communication with those experts, and the content we created was seen and shared by some really influential marketers. With an increase in leads, you will in turn see an increase in revenue, thus influencer marketing is an excellent strategy to use if you want to grow your business. The poll also showed that influencer marketing was rated the fastest-growing customer acquisition channel and it can also be one of the cheapest if you use the right strategies.

Image Source. But there are other reasons beyond the fact that other marketers are tapping into influencer marketing. Even now, relying on them might not be the most efficient use of your marketing budget. Their results have been impressive, too. If you need further proof at this point, take a look at this eye-opening statistic shared by Neil Patel :. Most ROI shoots for a ratio, so you can see just how wild these statistics really are.

The next step is finding the right influencers that will in turn bring you the customers your business wants and needs.

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Start with a dynamite idea, great planning, and make sure your project is moving in the right direction from the beginning. In other words, get creative with your projects. There are thousands of online lists of marketing ideas. Remember in your planning that using influencers in unique ways always stands out, like in when Hubspot asked influencers to lend advice about influencer marketing for an infographic.

Much like our finished influencer project, they took advice from top-level experts and created a visually pleasing infographic. It helped them stand out from the vast amounts of content that were being created and shared alongside this project.

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When we conceived our expert tips project, we started with numerous different angles and ideas for how to approach our finalized piece of content. What format best fit our goals? Did we want to create an infographic? Blog post? This was the best way to provide value to both our audience and the audiences of the influencers who responded. The key to finding the right influencers is to remember that the more you know about your target, the better you can create a pitch that will engage and sell them on your idea. Well, when my team and I were planning our content roundup, we knew we wanted approximately 50 exclusive expert tips to include in our ebook.

If we could get ahold of such insights, we would have a piece of really useful and actionable content that plenty of marketers would love to get their hands on. If we could get 50 different views and responses from these two questions, we could definitely create a guide that would help a lot of people out. In our case, those keywords were content marketing experts and SEO experts, and more general variations of those terms like content marketing insights, and SEO tactics. Stryde had published a list of the top 50 marketing experts , which gave a great starting point.

Meaning that it not only acted as proof that the listed individuals were influential since they were getting mentioned in Forbes, but it also meant they were willing to contribute their insights.

The second process I used was an influencer search on Buzzsumo. I used the amplification tool to track down more influencers in the content marketing and SEO niches. As you can see, you get a customized list of individuals related to your search terms I used content marketing here. You can also gain quick access to their social media, website, and other helpful information. I added all of these influencers into a spreadsheet where I tracked their names, companies and websites, any relevant blog posts and articles, and of course their email addresses.

However, not every project has to rely on high-profile influencers to achieve its goals. In fact, micro-influencers achieved There are hundreds of thousands of reviews for this company on YouTube alone. They also provide influencer giveaway campaigns that have a promo code attached, as you can see from this example.

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And the benefit to the influencers? They get a nice watch.

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All in all, this is a perfect example of how you can use micro-influencers in an extensive campaign. To help shortcut your micro-influencer search, I recommend a service like Hypr. This service lets you search for any potential influencer no matter how big or small their audience is. You can search either by audience or influencer with the option to narrow your search based on a variety of demographics. These individuals might not have the clout of Elon Musk or Xbox, but they can provide a wider audience for your project if they fit the bill. To find out if they really are a good fit for your end goals, all you need to do is click on their individual profile.

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This gives you a ready-made look into the specifics of their audience and gives you an idea of how active and engaged their profile is. By looking at this information, you can decide whether you have a potential micro-influencer or not. You can have them help you influence on YouTube, Snapchat, or even Instagram. And this makes sense. If someone is saying good things about your brand or is lending their expertise to your efforts, you want to make sure they get something out of it. If none of these work, never fear.

In the end, we had a list of nearly different marketing experts, and we were ready for the next step: the pitch. You can find volumes of advice on creating pitches for influencers. How do you know if their advice is helpful to your needs though? The truth is, every pitch is different.

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  8. Whatever route you take, modify every pitch to your specific audience. I recommend being specific to each influencer too. Any other advice I would give up front is a little more general but still in the realm of best practice for approaching an influencer.

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    Start by personalizing the pitch. Focus instead on building the relationship with your influencer. Once you get started, share your thoughts on their content, work, or expertise. From there, just keep your pitch simple. Their time is precious. Provide instruction, sample content, or images that they can use or refer to. The most important thing to keep in mind is to keep your email short and direct.

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    These influencers are very busy, after all, and likely receive a lot of spammy emails in their inboxes. You need to show them how committed you are to getting their attention. Even major brands end up in the spam filter. I catch my Twitter alerts in there from time to time. You may recall that I mentioned we had compiled a list of almost different marketers, but our final piece of content included only 46 expert tips. The reason for that is that unfortunately most people just never responded to my emails, despite how charming and to the point they were.

    In fact, had I given up after the first round of emails, our expert tips ebook would have had substantially fewer expert tips. The incentives are a great way to keep guests coming back for more. Within loyalty programmes, guests are generally keen to build and claim their reward points, creating more chances for you to sell. The rewards need to be something of real value to your guests, while still delivering a profit. For example, you could offer an extra night free when they book at least two nights.

    Or perhaps you could invite them to bring a friend for free. Use your expertise to arouse interest through blog posts, articles and events relating to that topic. This will help you attract guests exploring the topic on Google, and generate more email signups for future promotions.

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