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For instance, you might need to…. Take note of the page where the freebies are located and visit the same page on your computer.

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Instead, share the link to where your friends can subscribe so they can follow the steps to claim the free offer themselves. These freebies are for our subscribers only, because we think our subscribers are cool people! Both Intoxicated On Life and the sponsor of each individual freebie will receive your e-mail address. Nobody else will receive your e-mail address.

The only documents that were in the download were for the planner. The printables that were listed in the e-mail that is pasted below were not in items that downloaded. My apologies! There was a misunderstanding with the sponsor. I NOW have a link for the printables that you can download. Thanks for the Christmas freebies! However, the links in the More Days ebook do not work in the browser or as a download. Thanks in advance….

I believe she will be emailing everyone a copy of the book with corrected links. I got the kids ebooks about obeying and the journal for older kids. Are there black and white options that have more simple graphics? I believe she does have both of these journals available on Amazon in a printed softcover version though.

I have not been able to find how to download the free kids in the word New Testament? All I could find was Matthew.

Is there something I am doing wrong? I purchased the write through the Bible jr during the sales promotion. This will be your full New Testament journal. Hope that helps! When I click on it, it automatically stars to play. Were you ever able to figure it out?

6 Reasons Why You Should Eat More FAT

I am trying to download the Halloween alternatives and it just will not go through. Please help! Hi Kristin, Apologies for that.

Your email address will not be published. Download this free guide to learn how to make meaningful, lasting changes in your family without the overwhelm. Download Now! She let herself out of the car. As I drove away, a cloud of dust appeared behind me. In the rearview mirror, I saw the dust settle and she was gone. Or she sprinted away into the sage. That was the only possible explanation, being that I was in the flattest part of the world, below sea level when she disappeared. I dismissed that illogical thought only two days later. My car didn't make the dust cloud, she made it.

But how? My observations didn't mesh with my logic. I recalled her last diatribe before she left. Faith in who? Regardless, she was right. My stranger was an angel, a voice of God speaking to me. Within a moment my agnosticism drained from me like an oil change. What was the point of my house on the hill if I never witnessed a sunset? So I left. But it was more like a leap. A running leap.

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I converted and donated my house to assisted living. The elderly merited that view more than I did. They appreciated it. And the beamer, too. Style counts, you know. The profits from my business ended up going to a variety of charities: a million to St. Vincent de Paul, another million for cancer patients, another million here and there.

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  5. It was like dealing cards. Once I started dishing out the dough, it was easy to keep at it. When I still had a bit of pocket change, I enjoyed paying for a stranger's meal, prescriptions, train tickets, etc. Every time a person seemed disappointed about the cost, I made sure the cost went away. I was anonymous, which accounted for most of the pleasure. Heavy like a raindrop, my wealth fell from my wallet. After my precipitation, I floated above the rivers of stress, the chains of possession, the hails of lust. What I owned I carried with me, but more within me.

    With a sac on my back, I walked the earth. I slept on pillows of freshly fallen leaves. I listened to the dialects of the breeze.

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    Not every church had a shower, but many of them did. Thank God for that. Lucky enough for me, daily Masses were in the morning. I caught every sunrise. And not just a portion of it! From start to finish, I listened to the wisdom of the clouds and the whispers of the wind. They told me where to go. How can you devote yourself when empty concepts weigh you down? I walked from the Pacific to the Atlantic and back.

    One day just outside of Sparks in Nevada, I remained after Mass one sunrise ceremony. Cutting through the wonderful artistry of stained glass windows, the sun's rays vibrated within the humble church. As though the pew's hand gripped my backside, I sat down. I like that one, too. I also like that one.

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