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The team behind Dr. Dabber wanted to create portable vaporizers that were effective and potent, but also reliable and convenient. They wanted something on the market that was stylish enough to take anywhere and stealthy enough for the job of keeping a low profile. More than wanting to give their consumers options — they wanted to create a justifiable replacement to any other vaporizing method. Now, they offer a variety of different vaporizers of varying size, quality, battery life, and more. From big to small, stealthy to noticeable and in your face, Dr.

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Dabber has the tools you need to start your dabbing or vaporizing experience off right. We were eager to try out all the gadgets and tools Dr. Dabber has to offer, starting with a big one and working our way down. Dabber specializes in one-of-a-kind dab rigs, portable vaporizers, and handy inventions that have yet to grace the CBD or cannabis industries before now.

We wanted to give the brand a fair shakedown since they have such a variety of different rigs available, so we got a few to try for ourselves. With a patent pending and unique induction heating technology, the Dr. The first of its kind, Dr. Dabber is a firm believer that this is the next generation of vaporizer. When we got to try it out, we were excited with these promises in mind.

With both a leaf and oil mode, you can vape a wide range of materials in the same place. We went with the Dr.

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Instead of inhaling smoke, though, you were inhaling more potent vapor instead. The Dr. Dabber vaporizer is capable of 20 to 30 uses on a single charge, which could be enough to last even regular users a few days. Truly designed with the user in mind, it has a fully magnetic connection to allow for a seamless experience for the user.

Our Dr.

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For the hard to manage, sticky waxes or oils that seem impossible to scrape up, Dr. Dabber created the Budder Cutter. It minimizes heating time while it avoids overheating simultaneously, a carefully calibrated device that ensures a perfect cutting and loading temperature every time. Be sure to use our Dr.

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